AvitaDigital is a Google Partnered Digital Consultancy based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work with a range of clients, large & small, national or international.
We operate in a hands-on and proactive manner helping to influence genuine change (not just short term wins) for our clients.

See What Services We Offer
See What Services We Offer

If you're looking for expert digital consultants to help optimise your online activity, then AvitaDigital may be able to help. Check out our services section for more information.

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Working With Us
Working With Us

If you think that you could be interested in working with AvitaDigital find out what it's like working with us.

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  • We are very glad for the work AvitaDigital are doing for us. We love the regular communication we have and the deep understanding of our concept. The results […]

    Jake Petersen Miinto
    Jake Petersen
  • AvitaDigital have been vital in optimising and developing our global digital marketing activities and helped us achieve significant growth in just 2 months. I would highly recommend anyone […]

    Peter Zigler
    Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler

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